Blue Stars for Safe Return
Credits and Thank You

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to the following companies and individuals for their support in helping Blue Stars for Safe Return get started. Without their continued support and encouragement the "Praying For Their Safe Return" Display would still be a rough draft on a notebook someplace.

Harlow's Country Gallery, Baker City, OR; Daren Spencer and Louise Shreffler
For the graphics and web support; Daren took my initial drawing and created the graphics, and Louise is responsible for creating and maintaining our website, she also created our Veterans emblem and does other graphics work for us. If it weren't for their efforts and encouragement the plans would still be on a scratch pad someplace. Unfortunately, Daren passed away on Feb 27, 2005 from a massive heart attack. We are beginning a new project as a memorial to Daren. For more information follow this link. Memorial Project

Curves for Women; Baker City; OR; Cheri For allowing us to introduce these products to her customers, and take advance orders, while we were test marketing. She was also the first business in Baker City to display one of our window displays.

The Record Courier; Baker City, OR; Debby Schoeningh; For taking the time to interview us and write an article featuring our business to introduce us to the community, as a business with a heart for the military family.

The Baker City Herald; Baker City, OR, Also for writing articles about Blue Stars for Safe Return.

Ruralite Magazine; Baker City, OR; Debby Schoeningh; For doing an in depth article about Blue Stars for Safe Return . This publication is for the customers of a large utility company Co-op, and they offer public interest articles about their customers for their customers. This article appeared in the March 2005 issue.

The Chanute Tribune; Tabatha Beerbower; Chanute, KS; For doing a special interest story in their local paper about Blue Stars for Safe Return. My son Marcus is a resident of Chanute when he is not deployed.

Kelli Madlock; Prudhoe, AK ; For placing our first wholesale order even before we had all of the products available. Her patience during a unexpected delay in our magnets being delivered to us was greatly appreciated.

Terri Riley; KS; She has been instrumental, since the very beginning, in getting the word out about our website to the military families in Kansas. She is considered part of our family and a dear friend and continues to be a source of inspiration and encouragement.

Patty and Gary Chapman; OR; For encouraging and supporting us from day one when they saw our very first display in our window.

There are others who have offered their support and words of encouragement along the way as well. We also thank those and the others who continue to support and encourage us as we move forward.

Seaside, CA

Phone: 831-915-3672