Blue Stars for a Safe Return
Gold Stars

Unfortunately during times of war there are casualties. During WWII people replaced the Blue Stars with Gold Stars to let others know they had suffered a loss. The Gold Star actually was placed over the Blue Star, so that the Blue Stars edges showed under the Gold Star. In keeping with this tradition we would like to make available, to those who might already have lost a loved one, our version of the Gold Star. Those lives might have been lost, but they are not forgotten. Our prayers are still with you and your families as you struggle with the memories of those who have been lost.

For those who have purchased a Blue Star window display, and suffer a loss, we offer a replacement Gold Star window display. Simply return your Blue Star window display to us, and we will send you at no cost, our Gold Star window display. If you wish to keep the Blue Star display, you still have the option to purchase the Gold Star display. This Offer is currently only valid with the 8 1/2 X 11 Window display. (With the Gold Star display we will also include a window sticker)
Window Display_Actual size is 8.5 X 11
Actual size 8.5 X 11
laminated window display
Personalized Displays Available
Sticker_Actual size 3.5 x 5
Actual size 3.5 X 5
window stickers for
your cars or RV's
Free with purchase
of window display

We Ship Priority Mail

"Blue Stars For A Safe Return"
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