Blue Stars for a Safe Return
"Prayers For Water In The Desert"
Memorial to our artist - Daren H. Spencer
A Special Tribute and Thanks to the Troops

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As a special memorial and tribute to Daren, who passed away on Feb 27th 2005, we are launching our "Prayers for Water in the Desert" campaign. Daren was more than just a very talented graphic artist and photographer; he was part of the family and a very dear friend.

Sending bottled water to the troops was an idea that Daren presented to Jimm back in Dec, shortly after we launched our website. Within a few days he had created a very special label, as a tribute to the troops, which was to be used for that purpose. Jimm and Daren have been looking into options that might be available to accomplish that task. Corporate sponsorship was one of the items discussed, and the two of them have been working on several other ideas for the past couple of months.

Rather than wait on corporate sponsorship we are going to move forward with making Daren's dream a reality. Oregon Trail Mountain Spring Water has already agreed to participate and will provide the water at a special price to us. We are already looking for a shipper to participate and transport it to a military base for shipment overseas to the troops.

We will still seek corporate donations and sponsorships, but we are going to make this a reality with your help. We already know which troops will get the first shipments of bottled water. We will be sending to specific units in Iraq, and Afghanistan. Jimm has already started the list of units and it is growing. As units rotate home and new ones replace them, the list will be modified as necessary.

Blue Star Prayer for Troops

As a company, Blue Stars For A Safe Return is offering copies of their prayer with all proceeds going towards this goal.

Actual size 8.5 X 11
Blue Star Prayer for the Troops and Their Families
$6.00 (All proceeds go to our "Prayers for Water in the Desert" campaign.)

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help send bottled water to the troops.
Bottled water with our logo "Praying For Their Safe Return" is also available, with all proceeds going to this project. Keep in mind bottled water pricing will not include freight; freight will be an extra charge. But remember, for every case sold we can send another case to the troops.
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